DKE-Data: Strategic realignment for improved data exchange in agriculture

Osnabrück, 13.03.2024

DKE-Data is presenting a comprehensive realignment of its strategy at the turn of the year. The aim is to make data exchange in agriculture more efficient and far-reaching. The focus is on increased involvement in the AEF project AgIN (Agricultural Interoperability Network) and the continuous further development of the agrirouter system - two key technologies that work together to improve interoperability and data exchange along the entire agricultural value chain.

At the turn of the year, DKE-Data, a leader in the development and promotion of agricultural data exchange systems, realigned its strategy. This adjustment strengthens interoperability between agricultural machinery and software across different manufacturers in order to make it easier for end users - especially farmers and contractors - to optimize their operating and production processes and comply with documentation requirements.

Expansion of activities

As part of this strategic realignment, DKE-Data will not limit its involvement to the well-known agrirouter system, but will also support the AgIN project team with its many years of expertise. This will ensure AgIN connectivity for agrirouter partners/members in the future. DKE-Data represents the interests of its partners/members in the AgIN project and ensures that the perspectives and requirements of the companies are represented in the best possible way in the AgIN approach.

AgIN and agrirouter: two complementary approaches

AgIN represents a decentralized approach to data exchange that allows data to be exchanged directly between the platforms of different manufacturers. This standardized network offers the large machine manufacturers in particular the flexibility to design the data exchange according to the needs of their customers by allowing them to independently integrate the control options of the data exchange. At the same time, the agrirouter stands for centralized data exchange, in which data is exchanged via a central component - the agrirouter itself. This model is particularly beneficial to smaller manufacturers and providers of agricultural software, who can thus avoid additional efforts for integrations into their systems. The agrirouter takes control of the data exchange for them, which is a considerable relief, especially for companies that do not have the internal resources for such integration or do not want to provide them.

DataXChange: A bridge between technologies

By incorporating AgIN into its existing offering, DKE-Data is expanding the possibilities for farmers and contractors by promoting interoperability between different technologies. This enables seamless collaboration between companies using either AgIN or agrirouter, improving data exchange for the benefit of users. In future, users will be able to process their data exchange via the "DataXChange" area within the manufacturer platforms or agricultural software environments, regardless of the underlying technology - AgIN or agrirouter. Companies have the option of designing this "DataXChange" area according to their own design and colors and integrating it into their platform or agricultural software, which enables individual and brand-specific identification.

Digitalization of agriculture

With this strategic realignment and its expanded involvement in projects such as AgIN, DKE-Data is underlining its leading role in the digitalization of agricultural data management. "This includes the commissioning of the current new agrirouter 2.0 development in 2024 as well as the continuous support and operation of the system in the following years," concludes Johannes Sonnen.