Data exchange systems & services for agriculture

Provision of centralized and decentralized data exchange platforms in the agricultural industry

Our work

The object DKE-Data is the development, operation, support and promotion of data exchange systems along the entire agricultural and/or agrifood value chain.

The Agricultural Interoperability Network (AgIN) will enable the industry the opportunity to exchange data via a standardized cloud connection to provide farmers with simplified access to information about their machines.

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) and its member companies, the leading representatives of the representatives of the agricultural machinery industry, agreed on the development of a new cloud-based network.

The AEF is a global non-profit organization that has set itself the task of improving cross-manufacturer compatibility in agricultural technology.

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The agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform for farmers and contractors. It enables the cross-manufacturer exchange of data between agricultural machinery, agricultural software and other applications.

The agrirouter receives the data from the agricultural machinery or agricultural software, converts it into a standardized format and then forwards it to the recipients. The recipients can then use the data in their own applications.

The agrirouter supports a variety of data types, including eg. machine data, field data and farm data.

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About DKE-Data

DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG, a non-profit company, was founded in July 2016 by 10 renowned agricultural technology companies and is based in Osnabrück..

The partnership focuses on the development, operation and promotion of data exchange systems along the agricultural value chain. The objective is to ensure cross-manufacturer and cross-product interoperability between agricultural machinery and software products. This should enable farmers, contractors and consultants to continuously optimize their production processes, taking into account legal, economic and ecological requirements.

The partnership plans to develop, operate and support various data exchange systems, regardless of the technology used.

Our current shareholders

AGCOAgricolusAmazoneBergmannBririExel IndustriesGrimmeHorschKotteKroneKuhnLemkenPoettingerRauchSDFXfarmZunhammer

Become a member

Companies from all areas of the agricultural value chain can join DKE-Data as shareholders, business partners or association members.

If your company would like to join our initiative as a Business Partner or Shareholder, we invite you to get in touch with Johannes Sonnen or Christoph Apke. We would be happy to give you details about the current developments of the AgIN and agrirouter projects as well as an overview of all participation options and the annual fixed fees in a personal meeting.

As a Business Partner of DKE-Data, you can offer any number of applications with an agrirouter connection on the market and have a direct influence on the initiative's projects. As a Shareholder, you also have a direct influence on the company.

Contact our team

If your company's agricultural turnover (weighted) is less than 60 million € per year, you have the opportunity to join the DKE-Data agrirouter e. V. As a member of the association, you can offer any number of applications with an agrirouter connection on the market and have indirectly influence the initiative's projects.

If you decide to become an association, we invite you to complete our online application form. We will carefully review your application for membership and contact you to discuss the next steps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Johannes Sonnen or Christoph Apke.

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Our Team

Discover the team behind DKE-Data!

Johannes Sonnen

Johannes Sonnen

Managing Director

Oliver Rahner

Oliver Rahner

IT Technical Management

Felix Lammers

Felix Lammers

IT Service Management

Christoph Apke

Christoph Apke

Business & Product Management

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